LibreOffice Development blog has started!

This is the first post of the LibreOffice Development Blog!

To know more about what is going on in LibreOffice, you can refer to the main Document Foundation blog. Also, if you want to learn more about the LibreOffice design, you can refer to the LibreOffice Design Team blog. And now, we have created a new blog, dedicated to the LibreOffice development!

Important Topics

Here is a good place to get more information about ongoing development efforts. Alongside the Document Foundation Wiki and #libreoffice-dev IRC, we will provide development related information here. We will talk about LibreOffice internals, and modules, how to fix bugs, write tests, and many other things! If you want to start LibreOffice development, this is a good place familiarize yourself with LibreOffice code, tools and developers.

Do you know C++, Java, Python, SQL, or other programming languages? If so, you can find useful information about the latest development related news and other up-to-date information here. Although we emphasize using these programming languages,  you may find some areas that you can help and contribute, even without being an expert in programming.

LibreOffice core, a mix of many modules used in LibreOffice development

LibreOffice core, a mix of many modules used in LibreOffice development

We will focus on LibreOffice core development, which contains many modules that are listed in LibreOffice modules documentation. LibreOffice applications like Writer,  Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base that any user interact with will be part of our focus. Additionally, there are modules like VCL (UI toolkit for LibreOffice) that normal users may not fully understand. As a developer, you should know a lot about the LibreOffice internals, so we will discuss these modules.

Additionally, we will also talk about git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Bugzilla, compilers, IDEs and many other tools and techniques.

Above all, you can improve your development skills here, so stay tuned for interesting contents soon. We hope to see your name in the list of LibreOffice developers, here!

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