Tutorial Archive

6 Sep 2022

Crash fixes for LibreOffice, part 1: segfaults

One of the bugs that we see in computer programs including LibreOffice is the crash.

19 May 2022

Interacting with the Review Bot on Gerrit

Have you received “A polite ping, still working on this bug?” message on one of your Gerrit submissions?

26 Apr 2022

Supporting metafile formats: WMF/EMF/EMF+

LibreOffice supports many file formats, and among them are some raster and vector image formats from Microsoft.

19 Apr 2022

Using cmake to build LibreOffice C++ SDK examples

These days, many C++ projects are built using build tools like cmake and meson in addition to

11 Apr 2022

How to use Gerrit code review effectively

Any code submission to LibreOffice should pass Gerrit code

23 Feb 2022

Adding a new UNO command

What are UNO commands, and why would you need them? If you want to add some feature to the LibreOffice

10 Feb 2022

Working with LibreOffice SDK Examples

Do you want to write a program that uses LibreOffice to convert different formats, or otherwise work with LibreOffice from

26 Jan 2022

Regression Fix: Missing Lines in DOCX

Interoperability is a very important aspect of the LibreOffice. Today, LibreOffice can load and save various file formats from

14 Oct 2021

Automated bibisect to find source of a bug

In programming, we usually face bugs that we should fix to maintain or improve our software. In