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14 May 2024

Crash fixes, part 4: assertion failure

In the previous parts of the blog posts series on fixing software crashes, I have written about some crash

18 Apr 2024

Crash fixes part 3 – Testing crashes

I have previously discussed fixing crashes in 2 parts (segfaults, aborts). Here I discuss testing crashes

18 Mar 2024

Test improvement – More and better tests for LibreOffice

One of the areas that can help LibreOffice, but may not directly be visible to the

4 Feb 2024

gbuild for Java tests – LibreOffice build system part 3

In this blog post, I discuss gbuild for Java tests. The goal is to write

25 Jan 2024

gbuild tips and tricks – LibreOffice build system part 2

In the first blog post on LibreOffice build system, gbuild which uses GNU Make,

14 Dec 2023

LibreOffice extensions with Python – part 2: Debugging

In my previous blog post on creating LibreOffice extensions with Python, I have discussed how to

25 Nov 2023

LibreOffice extensions with Python – part 1

Ever wondered how to create a LibreOffice extension? Here I discuss how to do that via Python programming

16 Nov 2023

String literals: C/C++ string data types part 2

In the first part of the series on string types in LibreOffice, I discussed some of

30 Jul 2023

ccache for a 5 minutes LibreOffice build

If you have ever tried to build LibreOffice code, you know that it can take a lot of

4 Jul 2023

Parallel build: tuning the performance

Do you want to build LibreOffice alongside other applications that are open on your computer like the IDEs, and