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25 Nov 2023

LibreOffice extensions with Python: create and debug

Ever wondered how to create a LibreOffice extension? Here I discuss how to do that via Python programming

16 Nov 2023

String literals: C/C++ string data types part 2

In the first part of the series on string types in LibreOffice, I discussed some of

2 Nov 2023

Integer data types improvement – EasyHack

Many different data types are used in LibreOffice code. During the long history of the LibreOffice, and before that

26 Oct 2023

UNO API error reporting improvement – EasyHack

In this blog post, I discuss the EayHack for improving UNO API error reporting. EasyHacks are good if

5 Oct 2023

LibreOffice conference 2023 workshop presentation slides

LibreOffice conference (LibOCon) 2023 was held in Bucharest from 20 to 23 September 2023. Among the other programs, an

14 Sep 2023

Catalog and schema support for SQL functions – difficulty interesting EasyHack

LibreOffice has a database application called Base. It can connect to various database management

31 Aug 2023

Warning for low disk space – difficulty interesting EasyHack

Without enough space, one may face data corruption, which is really a terrible thing that can

31 Aug 2023

Find and replace For Base – difficulty interesting EasyHack

LibreOffice Base is part of LibreOffice productivity suite that makes it possible to work with databases.

10 Aug 2023

Highlight the current row and column in Calc – difficulty interesting EasyHack

In large computer displays, it is somehow hard to track the active cell,

30 Jul 2023

ccache for a 5 minutes LibreOffice build

If you have ever tried to build LibreOffice code, you know that it can take a lot of