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4 Feb 2024

gbuild for Java tests – LibreOffice build system part 3

In this blog post, I discuss gbuild for Java tests. The goal is to write

25 Jan 2024

gbuild tips and tricks – LibreOffice build system part 2

In the first blog post on LibreOffice build system, gbuild which uses GNU Make,

3 Jan 2024

Outlook for the new year 2024

Now that year 2024 has come, I want to briefly discuss the year 2023 around the development blog, and

21 Dec 2023

Custom string literals: two EasyHacks

In the previous part of the series on C/C++ strings, I described the string literal, plus how and why to

14 Dec 2023

LibreOffice extensions with Python – part 2: Debugging

In my previous blog post on creating LibreOffice extensions with Python, I have discussed how to

25 Nov 2023

LibreOffice extensions with Python – part 1

Ever wondered how to create a LibreOffice extension? Here I discuss how to do that via Python programming

16 Nov 2023

String literals: C/C++ string data types part 2

In the first part of the series on string types in LibreOffice, I discussed some of

2 Nov 2023

Integer data types improvement – EasyHack

Many different data types are used in LibreOffice code. During the long history of the LibreOffice, and before that

26 Oct 2023

UNO API error reporting improvement – EasyHack

In this blog post, I discuss the EayHack for improving UNO API error reporting. EasyHacks are good if

5 Oct 2023

LibreOffice conference 2023 workshop presentation slides

LibreOffice conference (LibOCon) 2023 was held in Bucharest from 20 to 23 September 2023. Among the other programs, an