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25 Jan 2022

Matrix Bridge to LibreOffice IRC Rooms

Ever wondered about using modern chat tools to discuss LibreOffice? Here we will discuss using a Matrix bridge to

20 Jan 2022

LibreOffice Developer Community

Do you want to contribute to the LibreOffice development, but you don’t know enough about the LiberOffice code internals? Do you want

31 Dec 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

I wish everyone the best for 2022!

Hoping a great year for LibreOffice, all the FOSS users and developers, and above that,

31 Dec 2021

Use basegfx to convert angle unit – EasyHack

What is basegfx?

First, what is basegfx, how it is used for converting angle units, and why we

23 Nov 2021

Use symbolic constants instead of magic numerical constants – EasyHack

There are many situations that you need to use numerical constants in your code. If

17 Nov 2021

Use atan2 function instead of atan – EasyHack

When working with shapes and charts in LibreOffice, there are several occasions that you have to calculate

14 Oct 2021

Automated bibisect to find source of a bug

In programming, we usually face bugs that we should fix to maintain or improve our software. In

4 Oct 2021

Getting Started (Video Tutorial)

LibreOffice development starts with setting up a development environment. After that, you can do the development in your favorite IDE. In

4 Oct 2021

LibreOffice Development blog has started!

This is the first post of the LibreOffice Development Blog!

To know more about what is going on in LibreOffice,