Happy new year 2023!

Happy new year 2023! I wish a great year for you, and the global LibreOffice community.

Here I briefly discuss the year 2022 around the development blog, and the outlook for 2023.

In 2022, I wrote 22 posts around LibreOffice development in this blog. (Some of them are drafts which are not yet published). I hope that my published posts were useful for you to understand LibreOffice code better, and to get involved in LibreOffice core development.

At The Document Foundation (TDF), our aim is to improve LibreOffice, the leading free/open source office software that you and many other people around the world use. Our work is community-driven, and we need your help.

Happy new year to the LibreOffice community

Happy new year to the LibreOffice community

These are some the topics I want to discuss in 2023:

  1. Various data types in LibreOffice
  2. LibreOffice build system (gbuild)
  3. New EasyHacks
  4. Fixing crashes
  5. Creating user interfaces with VCL
  6. LibreOffice core development guide
  7. SDK development guide

I will be happy if you provide feedback to me in a comment here, or via email. You can email me using hossein AT libreoffice DOT org.

As you may know, I provide mentoring to those who want to start LibreOffice development. You can contact me if you need help via the above email address.

Have a great time!