Regression Fix: Missing Lines in DOCX

Interoperability is a very important aspect of the LibreOffice. Today, LibreOffice can load and save various file formats from many different office applications from different companies across the world. But, bugs (specially regression bugs) are inevitable parts of every software. In fact, there are situations where the application does not behave as it should, and a developer should take action and fix it, so that it will behave according to the expectation of the user.

What if you encounter a bug in LibreOffice, and how does a developer fix the problem? Here, we discuss the steps needed to fix a bug. At last, we provide a test and make sure that the same problem does not happen in the future.

This article describes fixing a specific regressions in loading DOCX files. Previously, It has been previously published in the main LibreOffice blog in with the title: “Fixing an Interoperability Bug in LibreOffice: Missing Lines from DOCX“.

The article had 3 parts:

  1. Understanding the Bugs and QA
  2. Developing a Bug Fix
  3. Writing the Tests and Finishing the Task

And now, this is the complete article in a single part with minor edits. You can download it in PDF format which is better for reading.

Download: Regression fix: Missing lines in docx [PDF]