LibreOffice conference 2023 workshop presentation slides

LibreOffice conference (LibOCon) 2023 was held in Bucharest from 20 to 23 September 2023. Among the other programs, an important part was the workshop “Introduction to LibreOffice Development”. Here you will find the slides for the presentations.

LibOCon 2023 Bucharest

LibOCon 2023 Bucharest

LibreOffice Conference Workshop Program

The workshop was held in parallel with the main tracks in 3 days, and many different things around LibreOffice development were discussed in the workshop. You can see the detailed program of the workshop here:

Presentation SlidesSlides for the presentations can be found here:

Day One:
1. Office software, and the open source/free software development model (1 hour)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

2. Effective communication in open source/free software projects (1 hour)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

3. Bug reporting and triaging (2 hours)
Presenter: Stéphane Guillou

4. Git basics (2 hours)
Presenter: Stéphane Guillou

5. Gerrit for code reviews (2 hours)
Presenter: Xisco Faulí

Day Two:
6. Software localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) (1 hour)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

7. LibreOffice automation via scripting (BASIC, Python) (3 hours)
Presenter: Rafael Lima / Alain Romedenne

8. Building LibreOffice from source code (4 hours)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

Day Three
9. LibreOffice Documentation (1 hour)
Presenter: Olivier Hallot

10. LibreOffice SDK development (Java, Python) (2 hours)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

11. Introduction to problem solving techniques (30 minutes)
Presenter: Michael Meeks

12. Introduction to LibreOffice Core (30 minutes)
Presenter: László Németh

13. LibreOffice core design (C++) (2 hours)
Presenter: Heiko Tietze

14. LibreOffice core development (C++) (1 hour)
Presenter: Hossein Nourikhah

15. Introduction into Writer development (1 hour)
Presenter: Miklos Vajna