10 Mar 2022

Use std::hypot for Pythagorean Addition – EasyHack

There are many places in the code that calculating the Pythagorean addition is needed. (more…)

8 Mar 2022

Use Range Based For Loops – EasyHack

Because for loops are a powerful tool in C/C++, they are one of the desirable tools when you want to do something repeatedly, or process elements of a data structures. But there many ways to write a for loop. Some forms of it are easier to use, read, write and understand, and some are not. Range based for loops are discussed in this article. They can be good if you know where to use them. (more…)

23 Feb 2022

Adding a new UNO command

What are UNO commands, and why would you need them? If you want to add some feature to the LibreOffice UI, you may need to add or modify a UNO command, so it would be help much to learn more about these commands, and in general, the dispatch framework. So, stay tuned! (more…)

10 Feb 2022

Working with LibreOffice SDK Examples

Do you want to write a program that uses LibreOffice to convert different formats, or otherwise work with LibreOffice from another process? A solution would be using LibreOffice SDK. (more…)

26 Jan 2022

Regression Fix: Missing Lines in DOCX

Interoperability is a very important aspect of the LibreOffice. Today, LibreOffice can load and save various file formats from many different office applications from different companies across the world. But, bugs (specially regression bugs) are inevitable parts of every software. In fact, there are situations where the application does not behave as it should, and a developer should take action and fix it, so that it will behave according to the expectation of the user. (more…)

25 Jan 2022

Matrix Bridge to LibreOffice IRC Rooms

Ever wondered about using modern chat tools to discuss LibreOffice? Here we will discuss using a Matrix bridge to connect to the LibreOffice IRC rooms, to participate more efficiently in LibreOffice-related discussions. (more…)

20 Jan 2022

LibreOffice Developer Community

Do you want to contribute to the LibreOffice development, but you don’t know enough about the LiberOffice code internals? Do you want to enhance the application or fix a bug in LibreOffice, but you don’t know how to do that? LibreOffice developer community can help you not only for at the beginning, but by helping you focus on the right aspect of the code. Reviewers will review your code that eventually will be part of the LibreOffice code! (more…)

31 Dec 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

I wish everyone the best for 2022!

Hoping a great year for LibreOffice, all the FOSS users and developers, and above that, everyone around the globe!

Hoping to see:

more and more contributors,

many more nice features,

lots of helpful bug fixes,

and increased user satisfaction.

See you in 2022!

31 Dec 2021

Use basegfx to convert angle unit – EasyHack

What is basegfx?

First, what is basegfx, how it is used for converting angle units, and why we should care?

If you look at the list of LibreOffice modules in docs.libreoffice.org, you will see that basegfx is one of the LibreOffice modules. It contains the “algorithms and data types for graphics“, and it provides useful functions for LibreOffice graphics code. We care because using these functions helps us write cleaner code using well tested methods. (more…)

23 Nov 2021

Use symbolic constants instead of magic numerical constants – EasyHack

There are many situations that you need to use numerical constants in your code. If you use numerical literal values directly instead of symbolic constants, it can cause problems. (more…)